CREATING A PATTERN / The Reford Gardens pattern

Recently was the unveiling of the pattern created in collaboration with the Reford Gardens.  When I was looking for inspiration I found it in Elsie Reford’s passion for plants and the forms and textures that were featured in her gardens.

The pattern is the fruit of various exchanges with Alexander Reford about his great grandmother as well as the artist’s exploration of the visual archives, on site observations and her testing of various graphic forms. “Elsie Reford was also passionate about textiles and herself dabbled in this art form during her long life. She would have appreciated how this local artist has paid homage to her by creating a new fabric that echoes her gardens, the beauties of the St. Lawrence and the special attractions of the region,” commented Alexander Reford, director of Les Jardins de Métis (Reford Gardens). 

(Courtesy Reford Gardens)

The principal challenge I faced was to choose among the many species and varieties of plants found in Elsie’s gardens. I also faced the question of how to make the design present the story of Elsie Reford, her unique narrative and how her passion for this region might be translated into a textile design. Would this pattern have pleased her?

I am pleased to share with you this homage to Elsie, an inspirational woman and a nature lover.

Installation at the Bufton restaurant of Les Jardins de Métis / Reford Gardens

THE textile pattern created for The Reford Gardens by Pascale Faubert.

Many variants of this pattern are possible. It is six variations of the pattern that will be adapted to various products. They will be sold exclusively by the Reford Gardens during the 2020 season and on my online store in November.

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It's the beginning of a beautiful collaboration between history, nature and textiles.