Philosophy Behind the Creation

Printed patterns


Capturing Nature’s Beauty

We explore nature in search of the beauty of beings and things with much interest. We print these secret charms on the fabrics that adorn your daily lives.

Showcasing Natural Elegance

Through our creations, we showcase nature and marine landscape beyond their simple form. With refinement, grace and simplicity, we showcase elegance at its most natural state.

Fabrications techniques

Our approach is simple: take a neutral fabric and bring it to life with colors and shapes. We use several traditional fabrication techniques but also take pleasure in experimenting and combining different methods. Styles and moods are combined with know-how and originality.

Silk Screen Printing

Silk screen printing is and old stencil-derived technique. It consists in making the textile dye go through the fine meshes of a sieve while in contact with the fabric. To delineate the contours of the patters to be printed, we first apply a waterproof substance on the sieve where the dye should not penetrate. We obtain a stencil through which only the non-obstructed meshes let the color go through to allow printing the desired pattern.

Direct Application

Direct application consists in a direct application on to the fabric with instruments such as the brush. We eliminate all intermediaries between the artist and his support. This technique allows for each pattern to be unique thanks to all the different natural hand movements.


Batik is a thousand-year-old technique that consists in “setting aside” certain zones in the fabric. By applying a coat of wax directly on the fabric, we delineate the contours of the pattern to be applied. The dye will only penetrate the unwaxed fabric. Once the dye has dried, we start the same process over with a new color until the desired creation has been attained. Batik requires much patience but gives unique and original results.


We print all our patterns by hand with long-lasting high quality dyes and mainly use natural fibre fabrics such as cotton, hemp, linen and silk.

Limited series

We hold dear our handcrafted creations: that is why we produce only a limited number of them.