Hemp ! We haven't finished hearing about it

by Iseaube Myette Bergeron et Pascale Faubert

Hemp is one of the oldest textiles in history. It may have been worn as early as 10,000 BC. Widely used at one time, it was replaced by cotton in the manufacture of clothing. It is coming back into vogue. In fact, hemp has a much greener ecological footprint than any other textile fibre because it does not need chemicals for its growth or processing.


In addition, almost the entire plant can be used, the seed, the stem and the leaf, in different fields: construction, food, personal care and textiles. Another quality of hemp is that it grows easily under different climatic conditions (including those of Quebec!) unlike flax, or cotton.


Hemp has had bad press, in particular because it is associated with cannabis. The two plants look almost identical in appearance, but hemp contains only a tiny amount of THC, a psychotropic agent.

Hemp is used to make ropes for ships, among other things, because of its great strength and the fact that it does not rot. It is therefore often seen as a rough fabric, but if worked well it can become as flexible, shiny and light as linen. It breathes well, is thermoregulatory, antibacterial and resistant to wear and tear.

More and more businesses, especially outdoor companies, are using hemp in the composition of their clothes.

We encourage you to watch out for it and don't hesitate to choose it!

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Here is an interesting site to learn more about hemp.