Caps Montreal Rimouski

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The most beautiful Quebec caps made in Quebec by two Quebec textile designers!

Caps made in collaboration with Cynthia Sansregret from Linum and Pascale Faubert Textile creation.
They are hand-woven on a traditional loom by Cynthia in Montreal and screen printed in Rimouski by Pascale.

- Hand-woven organic cotton and linen panels.

- Hand printed cotton jeans panels.

- Adjustable leather strap at the back.

- Lightweight and comfortable, they fit everyone as you will see!

Printed colours: Light jeans printed yellow and blue.

Woven part: organic linen cotton thread, 60% cotton 40% linen.

Woven colours: Warp threads: natural linen, yellow cotton, mauve cotton, green cotton
Weft threads: natural linen

Composition: cotton and linen (leather for the strap and for the logo Linum)

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Caps Montreal Rimouski

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